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OSRS 1-99 Construction Guide

OSRS 1-99 Construction Guide

Construction in OSRS

This is a complete guide to help you achieve level 99 construction as quickly and efficiently as possible in old school runescape



Chairs: level 1 – 33

Starting off you will want to build chairs in the Parlour room of your player-owned house.

Build crude wooden chairs till level 8, with 28 planks and steel nails required. Then make wooden chairs until level 19, with 138 planks and steel nails. Oak chairs until 26 will then require 146 oak planks and finally oak armchairs until 33 which will require 306 oak planks.

Oak Larders: level 33 – 52

Each oak larder will require 0 oak planks to build and each will provide the player with 480 experience each.

Players can gain up to 480k experience per hour making it super fast to train. 1,760 planks will be needed to reach level 52 construction in osrs.

Mahogany Tables: level 52 – 99

Building mahogany tables in the Dining room becomes the fastest viable training method to 99 at level 52. Each table uses 6 planks and grants 840 experience.

Players can expect to gain around 900k experience per hour in construction with this method making it one of the fastest skills to train to 99 in the game. But also one of the most expensive with costs totalling over 150m gp.



Alternative methods

There are some alternative, slightly slower construction training methods you can try.

Oak dungeon doors: level 74 – 99

Located in the dungeon players can build oak dungeon doors for a cheaper alternative to mahogany tables. Experience rates are slightly slower at around 600k per hour, but players benefit from a save in supply cost.

Mahogany Homes: level 1 – 99

Mahogany homes is a relatively new minigame that offers slow experience rates but is also far cheaper and less click-intensive to traditional construction methods.

The minigame sends players around Falador, Hosidius, Varrock and East Ardougne to repair furniture in different buildings. Therefore easy access to multiple teleports to and around the city is highly recommended.