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💸RS3 Money-Making Methods. Low-High Levels

Where’s it all gone? - That’s what I think to myself every time I visit the Grand Exchange. Bloody nightmare. If you find yourself under the same money tree as me (an empty one!), then this is the guide for you!

We’re going to be explaining the three best methods for making money for players who’ve just started, players who’ve made their mark on Gielinor, and for those well-versed warriors among us.

Low-level / starting - Members Guide

So you’ve just started? Maybe you’ve put a few hours into running around Runescape, getting lost? Now you find yourself in need of gold? Well look no further, below I explain three methods which you can access without any level requirements to help you make some starting RS3 gold!

The benefit of these methods? Most lead to you gaining levels at the same time!

Method 1 - Gathering resources

There are seven gathering skills in Runescape: Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Farming, Hunter, Archeology, and Divination. These skills are excellent as a starting player to focus on, as you collect resources to level up your skills.

This means you can sell these resources to other players to make a nice profit. Of course, the higher your respective level, the more valuable resources you’ll be able to gather, and therefore sell for more gold.

Method 2 - Artisan Skills

Artisan skills are trained by using gathered resources to make into other useful items. For example, to cook your raw fish into edible food.

Players who require these items will pay a lot of gold for them just to save the time involved to create them. There are eight Artisan skills. These include:


Of these skills, Firemaking and Construction yield minimal cash, so we suggest avoiding these skills if your main aim is to make some nice RuneScape gold!

Method 3 - Start training combat levels through Slayer tasks (collect the loot)

Slayer is a skill that is known to provide a steady source of income at high levels. That doesn’t mean it isn’t just as high when you start. Focussing your energy on completing lots of slayer tasks can be highly rewarding, especially if you make sure to collect and sell all of the items dropped by monsters (including their bones)!

Through completing Slayer tasks, you’ll also start to increase your combat level. Therefore be able to kill even more difficult monsters - this will help to grow your character into a hardened battle warrior, ready to make even more RS3 gold.

Mid-level - Members Guide

You’ve got yourself some levels, and maybe you’ve even managed to save a little bit of RuneScape gold so you could treat yourself later? These next three money-making methods work well if you can spend a little bit of gold to get them going. The return on these methods greatly outweighs the investment you’ll put it, given a bit of time.

Method 1 - Slayer (collect the loot)

Okay, you’ve probably noticed the common theme here, right? Kill things, then kill them again. And perhaps slay them a third time, just in case. I’ll repeat my earlier message and state that it’s no secret that Slayer is a highly valuable skill at higher levels. By this point, you’ll hopefully have grown your combat and Slayer skills, and that means bigger, meaner scarier tasks.

Make sure that you invest some of your well-earnt gold back into your character, improving your gear will mean quicker kills and more Gp/hour. Also important is to be collecting slayer tasks from the correct Slayer master, depending on your combat level. These are listed below:

Slayer Master Combat level required Slayer level required Location
Turael / Spria None None Burthorpe
Mazchna / Achtryn 20 None Morytania
Vannaka 40 None Edgeville Dungeon
Chaeldar 75 None Zanaris (requires completion of Quest: Lost City)
Sumona 95 35 Pollnivneach (requires completion of Quest: Smoking Kills)
Duradel / Lapalok 100 50 Shilo Village (requires completion of Quest: Shilo Village)
Kuradal 110 75 Ancient Cavern (requires completion of Quest: Barbarian Training)
Morvran 120 85 Priffandas (requires completion of Quest: Plague’s End)
Mandrith (Slayer Bounties only) 120 85 Edgeville
Laniakea 120 90 Anachronia (requires completion of Quest: Exploring Anachronia)

Method 2 - Vis Wax (requires: 50 Runecrafting)

Vis Wax is a gathering task that can be completed once per day. Players use vis Wax for many reasons, including for quick teleports and to extend or reset an aura. This makes it very valuable and very profitable.

Collecting your 100 daily Vis Wax takes around 5 minutes, so there is no reason for you not to receive it! At the time of writing, 100 Vis Wax can be sold on the Grand Exchange for about 1,000,000gp!

That’s an excellent steady 1m Gp per day; must be magic!

To collect your daily Vis Wax, head on over to the Wizards Tower (your Wicked Hood can teleport you here quickly!) and jump straight to the top floor - head through to the Runecrafting Guild! Interact with the Rune Goldburg machine shown below, and feed it some runes! You’ll need to play about (or google) to find the answer for that day, as it changes at midnight GMT each.

RS3 Goldberg machine Always aim to collect as many Vis Wax as possible to earn as much money as possible!


Method 3 - Player-Owned Farms

Have you ever done an honest day’s work? No? Well, you’re going to want to start now!

Player-owned Farms (PoF) allow you to nurture, grow, and gather from your very own Runescape pets - ranging from bunny rabbits and cows to dragons! Get your green-fingered gloves on and head over to Granny Potterington near the Ardougne Lodestone.

RS3 Granny Potterington Your animals will passively produce lots of resources (and maybe even a baby animal or two), which you can gather daily and sell on the Grand Exchange for a nice profit, all while leveling your farming skill. What’s not to love?

High level - Members Guide

Got some 99’s? Got some serious cash? Want more? Then this is the section for you. Find below three methods which can net your upwards of five million gold per hour of playing.

Method 1 - Bossing (solo)

Killing bosses can be difficult, the learning curve is steep, but the chance at a rare drop makes it worthwhile. Most bosses have a decent, consistent drop table, meaning that through just repetitively killing them, you make a few millions of RuneScape gold per hour.

But it’s really that ever sought after rare drop you’ll be looking for, these rare drops will sell for anywhere upwards of 15m each, depending on what they are.

There are a few things you can do to increase your likelihood of receiving a rare drop, most commonly, is expanding your Luck to level 4. The easiest way to do this is to invest in a Luck of the Dwarves ring - Okay, yes, it’s 50m to buy on the Grand Exchange, but trust us, you’ll make that back after around 10 hours of bossing.

Method 2 - Elite Dungeons (group task)

You’re now in the ‘Elite’ rankings. You need to show off, and what better way than to complete dungeons with other Elite players? You’ll want to make sure you have the best gear available to you for these dungeon runs, to be able to best support your team, and therefore complete more Dungeon runs in a shorter space of time. This will mean more loot, more profit.

You should be able to make full use of the invention skill before attempting Elite dungeons, making sure to augment your armors and weapons and equip them with the best perks available.

Completing Elite dungeons with an excellent team should yield around 6-10m/hr.

Method 3 - Flipping items on the Grand Exchange (High risk)

Flipping items is, in its explanation, relatively simple. You buy items at a lower price than you sell them. You need to be aware that the Runescape market is a constantly shifting market, much like that of the real stock market.

Investing money can yield great rewards, but if you aren’t careful, you can lose it all. See our guides on how to flip items on the Grand Exchange for more detail.