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What is a RSPS Toplist❓

A RSPS toplist is a list of the top Runescape Private Servers currently available to play. A RSPS list is organized by the most popular servers found at the top of the list, descending to the least popular servers. Several top RSPS list exist today that contain hundreds of unique servers for you to choose from. See a RSPS list

About RSPS Toplists

The popularity of a RSPS is determined by the number of votes it has received by players on a toplist. Players can vote for a RSPS every 12-24 hours by visiting a toplist website or click the “Voting” page found on most servers’ individual websites. In order for a server to be eligible for voting, the server owner must register their server with a toplist. Additionally, most servers integrate the toplist API into their website and server code in order for players to easily vote and receive rewards for voting.

Vote Rewards

Voting for a Runescape private server is often seen as a great method for new players to earn money. Players are able to accumulate points from voting which may be used to receive a variety of in-game rewards from many servers. Those in-game rewards might include anything from gold to special perks or even rare items! Some servers also offer additional rewards for voting regularly or voting on particular toplists.

RSPS List Advertising

Runescape private server toplists are a free resource for servers to boost their player count. Most RSPS see these toplists as a necessity for growth and often pay for prime placement of their server on the list or ad banners found throughout the website. Pricing for paid advertisements can range from $10 up to $500 per month and typically depends on the amount of traffic a toplist website receives.

The Top RSPS Toplists

Listed below are the most popular RSPS toplists available for you to browse.