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RuneScape Gold Buying Guide | Buy RS GP Without Getting Banned

If you are worried about getting banned or flagged by Jagex for buying Runescape 3 or OSRS gold from Probemas – relax. Even though chances of ending up on the ‘wrong side of the tracks are really slim, there is still a considerable concern amongst first-time buyers and also returning customers about being caught.

Today, we're going to discuss our RuneScape gold buying guide and how you can safely buy OSRS GP or RS3 GP online.
Don’t Trust Sketchy Runescape Gold Sites

When it comes down to buying Runescape gold, you should be able to trust the seller. If you buy from an individual in a Facebook group or a sketchy site, an immediate risk rises. You do not know where the gold comes from, whether it was gold farmed or earned in a legit manner, and you will not have a clue until it is taken away from you, and you are banned.

The only way you get caught is when Jagex finds out:

That someone bot farmed this particular gold and traces it back to you
The gold you earned was obtained via scams, hacks, and other illegal ways
That you traded someone with RWT flagged IP address

Now as a UK-based seller, Probemas makes sure that the OSRS gold we sell is 100% legit and comes from honest players just like you.

While loads of Chinese and Venezuelan sites offer hard-to-believe prices and discounts, you only see the flashy cover. Beneath it is the dark secret of botted gold earned using gold farms and scams.
How Do We Protect You From Getting Banned?

In all honesty, the seller has to do a lot to protect the buyer. As our business model is orientated toward long-term returning customers, we do our best to make sure that all parties stay safe. Our journey started in 2013 and even after 9 years and selling trillions of Runescape Gold, the number of ban complaints we received was very low. After the most recent RWT updates at the end of 2021, some players started getting warnings or even temporary bans but we haven't noticed a case where an actual player would get a permanent ban for RWT.

How Probemas makes sure that you don't get banned?

Our gold accounts are always created only in Europe or the US.
We always log in only from fresh and safe IP addresses.
We don't buy any gold sourced from Venezuela and China.
We don't buy hacked gold. Most of our suppliers are stakers and PvMers.
We protect the buyer’s data and information.

We have collected more than 11000 verified customer reviews at with the average rating being 4.94 out of 5. Not a single verified customer review includes any complaints about them being banned after buying RS gold from us.
Any Risks For RuneScape Gold Buyer?

The risks are really low.

As we have mentioned above, you are protected to the maximum possible extent, and it is clear that our model of protection works because we have kept a close to 100% ban-free track record in over nine years of operations.

Yet if you still find it worrying or it is your first purchase, you can create an alternative account just for the transaction. Once you buy the gold we will trade GP to your alt and you can trade it to your main account later on.

Oh yeah, stay off the VPN’s… They usually mean nothing but there's a chance that you get flagged if you will use an IP address that has been previously utilized for illegal RuneScape activities.
Is it safe to buy OSRS Gold?

Buying OSRS Gold is safe as long as the seller is a trusted website like Probemas. That is the only way to stay as safe and protected as possible. Here are some extra safety suggestions:

Find a reliable and reputable site that has been around for at least a couple of years. Don't trust the reviews on their website, check for 3rd party reviews like or Trustpilot.
When buying gold we suggest avoiding using a VPN. The problem with VPNs is that you never know if the IP address you get is not flagged already.
Relax and enjoy the game. Hundreds of RuneScape gold transactions are happening around the clock every day, and at Probemas we make sure that you don't have to worry about anything!

Are you still not sure whether you should buy RS Gold? Our Customer Service chat is available 24/7 and we'll happily answer all of your pre-sales questions or concerns.

If you are in need of expert help with your RuneScape journey, feel free to join our Discord server and get the chance to be with our fellow RS players from different parts of the world.