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RuneScape Botting – 💡How To Avoid Getting Banned In RuneScape

Everyone seems to be looking for the easy way out. That is precisely why Runescape players turn to gold farming faster than you can say ‘Why am I banned now?’…
All About RuneScape Botting

What is Runescape Botting?
The Scheme
How To Avoid Getting Your RuneScape Account Banned?
Ways To Make More RuneScape Gold

In this article, we will tell you what is macroing or gold farming and why this controversial method is frowned upon by Jagex and a majority of long-time RuneScape players. We'll also discuss the best alternatives in making the most RS gold.
What is Runescape Botting?

Farming or macroing is a process when a person or a program, usually called a bot, does specific tasks to gain skills or in this case earn money. Lots of bot clients are scripted click and mouse/keyboard operations that happen many times repeatedly to achieve progress.

Most people use macros for skilling, but gold farming or botting is also very popular with OSRS and RS3 players. Lots of times it is just basic tasks like fishing or cutting wood, but scripts are getting much more complicated and advanced, and thus they can carry out more challenging objectives.

While short-time benefits seem great because you won't need to do much, and your computer does everything for you, the final results are not that great. However, most players who use bots typically end up on the losing side.
The Scheme

Most of the time, macro users or real people leave their bots for a long time to make huge profits. Simple bot users do not know the real dangers that are so close to them.

First of all, other RuneScape players who do not use a bot to farm OSRS Gold or skill are usually jealous and will do their best to report you right away. Others will test whether you are “online” and then report you, so notoriety is a thing to avoid.

A good example is when you have an account that you spent hundreds of hours on and you have excellent skills and good items, but you just want a bit more gold, and you want it fast. In such cases, players tend to choose a botting client to do that for them, which results in bans and loss of all your hard work.

Such a devastating scenario!

A character that you have put your heart and soul in is now banned. Macro clients are tricky themselves. Some of them have a reputation for stealing non-premium client’s accounts.

If they see that your account can be sold or used to earn real money for themselves, and you're not paying them for their services, these clients might steal your information.

So in one way or the other you are going to have to wave goodbye to your OSRS or RS3 account sooner or later.
How To Avoid Getting Your RuneScape Account Banned?

If you want to avoid bans or problems with ownership of an account, we know an excellent way to get a lot of gold, fast!

Here at Probemas, we offer a quick, cheap, and straightforward solution to all RuneScape players! Everyone who just wants something to improve their progress or add fun to the game can buy gold from a trustworthy and reputable RS gold site like us.

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When you do RuneScape botting, you trust your log-in details and the results of hard-work to unknown systems. They can abuse and mistreat your personal belongings.

Unlike them, our team at Probemas are professionals oriented towards building a sustainable and happy customer base. We deliver the gold faster than the bot can earn it, so think about long-term results first and make the right decision!

If you are still hesitating, remember that short-term benefits are stronger as well.

We suggest that you should not even try to download or use macros. That is a quick way to get banned and lose all progress you have obtained in your account.
Ways To Make More RuneScape Gold

1. Read money making guides on Probemas

By choosing a money-making method, you get the skills and the money at the same time. Bots and farming programs just use mechanics that can be done by hand. Read guides for money-making in OSRS and RS3 to earn the most gold possible. It is not as quick as purchasing and a lot more tedious, but the benefits are obvious.

2. Buy RS Gold

If you need to earn GP in Runescape, but have a lack of time – choose to buy GP rather than bots. It's a much faster way of achieving your goals! We offer both OSRS Gold and RS3 gold here. Plus, you do not need to share your account information or trust your Runescape progress with anyone else. Just select how much you want, add it to your cart, and check out. The gold will be delivered within minutes.

3. Grind

Have no desire to get banned for gold farming? Just keep your head down and work to earn gold the right way.

The choice is entirely up to you! If you wish to get that yellow goodness fast and cheap, choose money making guides or purchase RS gold from Probemas!

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