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Best OSRS Gold Site – The Best Site For Safe & Easy RS Gold

2022 is a new chapter for the Runescape gold trade. Conditions have never been better for players to buy RS GP online. However, at the same time, numerous RuneScape scammers, liars, and other non-legit sellers are emerging in numbers. Being cautious still advised before ordering gold online.
Finding the Best OSRS Gold Site

In this post, Probemas would like to show and inform you guys, how to stay safe, and choose the best site to purchase Runescape Gold. Save your time and money by simply knowing what to look for when you buy your much-needed OSRS gold.
Check for the RS Gold Site's reputation

You cannot just walk to the mall and buy the first pair of shoes you see. The same applies to Runescape gold. No one wants to deal with a random sketchy website and end up being scammed.

There have always been tons of small websites that come and go, unfortunately, in most cases, they go by doing scamquits. Therefore even small sites might look cheaper, it's always risky to deal with them as you never know when it's that moment when they'll quit and run away with your hard-earned money.

The best way to avoid getting scammed like this is to always make sure that the website has been around for at least a few years.

Phishing websites is another big risk as they might look almost the same but have slightly different domain names that people might not notice. When Jagex closed Boglagold and Arcus websites in 2018, a week later phishing scams sites and appeared.

While they look identically the same as old websites, their sole purpose is scamming visitors and they are still some players who get victimized by these fake RuneScape gold sites. Always make sure that the website has a good reputation in review websites like Trustpilot or

Awareness, patience, and reassuring features should be taken into consideration before you make any purchase of Runescape gold.
Be Wary of Hidden Fees

Once you find a trustworthy RS gold website, don’t dive in just yet. Remember to protect yourself first and foremost.

Most websites nowadays add astronomical payment processing fees that aren't mentioned. While their initial gold price might look cheap, it will go up anywhere from 5% to even 15% during checkout and you might not even notice that.

Always double-check the final price for your order, and if it's the same price you saw before you clicked on the "buy now" button.

No matter what payment method you use, websites should ask just for a minimal amount of information. Never ever give your Runescape account login details or financial information directly to the website's support team.
Consider the Website's User Interface

The more ‘down to earth’ vibe you are getting from the site, the better. Of course, it should not look like an outdated and forgotten place in the corner of the internet.

The best OSRS gold site needs to be user-friendly, understandable, and certainly not overcrowded with ads or look like something was drawn up by a child in Microsoft Paint.
Check Their Support Team

If any questions arise – they should be answered easily by a reliable customer service team. In addition to that, if the RS Gold website doesn't have customer service that's available 24/7, you should not consider buying from them.

Our advice is to do a test chat with the website's live chat agents to see how they communicate and their response times, it's also a good way to test if their English is fine. Having a support person speak in broken English is a big indicator that something is sketchy.
Beware of Fake Sales and Promotions

With deals, you can never be too careful. Most scam sites try to attract as many people as possible by announcing massive sales & huge discounts. If something sounds too good to be true - always be skeptical about it and do your research.

If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

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So what’s the best OSRS Gold site?

To find the best OSRS Gold website, you should look for the following factors:

An RS Gold website that has been around for at least 2 years
Has an outstanding reputation at Trustpilot,, and other trusted review sites
A 24/7 English speaking support team
Does not charge any hidden fees upon checkout

All things considered, checks all those and is one of the best OSRS Gold websites today.

With their Blazing Fast Gold Delivery, Guaranteed Safety, Hassle-free Transactions with No Hidden Fees, and amazing 24/7 Customer Service.

Operating since 2013 with over 1,300 positive feedback at Trustpilot and nearly 4,400 at, you can be sure that we will deliver and assist you with all your RuneScape gold needs.