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3 Steps to Attract Players to your RSPS ❗️

When it comes to bringing in more players to your RSPS it is normally a bit of a struggle at first. So today I would like to take the time to explain the 3 most important steps you can take to boost your Runescape private servers player count. While everyone has their own idea of how to properly run their server it is always good to keep in mind that there is also a right and wrong way on how to broadcast your server to attract people. The information I am going to tell you is based on principles I have learned from my own experiences, as well as what I have learned from both successful and unsuccessful servers I have examined over the years I have been involved in the RSPS community.

1. Make an RSPS Players Will Actually Enjoy

If only it were that simple, right?! Well, whether you are just looking to make an RSPS or searching for new ways to draw more players to your existing server - one of the first things to consider is the content your server has to offer and the quality of it. When it comes to content, not every player enjoys the same style of gameplay. You may like what your server has to offer, but keep in mind others may not like the same type of content as you. Or maybe the content you do have is awesome, but it’s just not enough to retain players or keep them coming?

Some players prefer PvM & Economy-based RSPS, whereas others enjoy PvP servers more. However, the ideal server in some players’ minds not only provides a stable economy but also includes a good mixture of both PvM & PvP. Many servers may offer one or multiple styles and see amazing results, whereas others struggle to ever take off. That is where the success of your server often comes down to the quality of the content in it. Possessing a wide variety of content is firstly important, but just because the content is there does not mean it is great. If the content is incomplete, full of bugs, or simply does not tie in with the game well, then players will be less inclined to play that content. Maintaining a wide variety of quality content is one of the most important things you can offer to players. This is what will help keep players online as opposed to them leaving due to incomplete or little content. If your server has amazing content, then your players and even the greater RSPS community will do a lot of talking for you.

2. Advertise Your RSPS

Marketing is an especially important step to branching out in the RSPS scene. This is the part many people who make servers do not fully understand on their own. If you make a server and have a few friends come to play, then maybe they will tell some of their friends and you could grow that way, sure. But that is not going to place your server in front of the eyes of thousands of potential players out there. With that said, I am going to tell you how you can take your RSPS advertising to the next level. While some advertising is free… better RSPS advertising doesn’t always come cheap, but it is your best bet at getting your server’s name to the masses quickly.

Your presentation, otherwise known as branding, is one of the first aspects you should consider as it is the first thing players see. Choosing a good RSPS graphic designer is key to creating an appealing logo, animated advertisement banner, thread layout, signature, website... you probably get the idea. You need gfx for a lot of things in your server. You may need more than one graphic designer even, but it is a good idea to stick with one, for the most part, to keep your branding consistent. Players love consistency, right? You can give that impression to players off the bat by simply offering good media. If someone sees your ad banner or thread layout and immediately thinks “Wow, that design is cool!” You are already starting off on a good foot. This will help get you more clicks and motivate players to explore further.

Once you have your graphics you have almost endless options to get them in the faces of players. Be relentless with your advertisement! Make a project/advertisement thread on every RSPS forum you can find to maximize the number of potential viewers. Some things you could do to advertise your RSPS include:

Post your server on every RSPS toplist and offer good incentives to players to vote;
Share your project/advertisement threads in discord channels as often as allowed;
Pay for ads on RSPS lists and other Runescape-related websites, social media, and Google;
Partner with popular RSPS Youtubers & streamers to create video content;
Offer giveaways & promotions - Discord invite competitions, other referral programs, limited-time new player bonuses …the options are endless.

3. Continuously Update & Improve

Update, bump and improve your server, website, and any threads you have across RSPS forums as often as you possibly can! Not offering enough updates or releasing content the community does not agree with can cause a server to slowly die, or never take off at all. Keep the RSPS community and your players engaged by keeping them up to date with everything that is going on in your server. Players like to feel involved and a part of the creation of the server, so constantly offer them updates and actively listen to their feedback.

Release at least two updates every week to make players aware that you are continuously making moves to improve the game. If you can manage more, then more power to you! Another good strategy is to offer different types of updates each week to keep things interesting. If you add a new boss or minigame this week, then maybe switch things up next week with a new zone for training. Be sure to include bug fixes & other improvements too, especially things suggested by players. You want to give players that feeling of “Wow! This server is constantly growing and offering fun, new activities & improvements!” Otherwise, players will surely lose interest over time and find a server that offers more exciting/frequent updates.

As a server owner, you may find it difficult to keep up with frequently releasing updates to the community while trying to manage everything else. However, with the correct time management or team behind you, anything is possible. Set aside about one hour out of your week to prepare and post updates to every source you can. Pick a day and time each week you would like to release an update, then set reminders for yourself to get it done on time. Take about 15-30 minutes to gather information and write it out, then another 10-15 minutes to share it on your website, discord, and any other RSPS community discord or forums you can post to. If you cannot handle everything by yourself, then simply ask other members of your team to help make sure your server never misses its scheduled update release. Lastly again, I cannot stress this enough: consistency is KEY.

✅ What do you believe helps attract more players to a RSPS? Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments below.