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❓What types of RSPS exist❓

What types of RSPS exist?

Runescape Private Servers (RSPS) have existed for many years now and in that time a wide variety of different types and revisions have been developed. In this article we are going to explore the features and differences between RSPS modes and revisions and how combining them can lead to some truly unique experiences

1. RSPS Types

There are three main types of RSPS: Economy, PvP and a mix of the two. Typically, servers tend to focus on one type. In rare cases, they might attempt to create multiple worlds where one world is of e.g. Economy whilst the other is PvP. The economy and PvP game types could be seen as opposites as one heavily focuses on Player versus Monster (PvM) environments, while the other is based around Player versus Player (PvP) action.

1.1 Economy

The economy server type is one of the most popular server types out there. By playing an economy RSPS, you will mainly be focusing on leveling up your account through solo modes like the ironman game modes, or by trading and interacting with others through what is known as a standard mode. In economy type servers, players rely on gathering resources through skilling and obtaining valuable items from mobs around the world. This type of server is recommended for players that enjoy casual gaming through AFK grindings while skilling, and easy to hard levels of combat.

1.2 PvP

A Player-vs-Player or PvP RSPS requires a lot of knowledge regarding game mechanics. Therefore, it is mostly played by veteran players or players who simply enjoy more difficult challenges than casual PvM battles. In PvP, you fight other players with similar combat levels to your own. On login, you are typically given a set amount of items and a flexible amount of levels which you can change to fit your fighting style. The main object in PvP servers is to fight other players to climb the rankings of KD (Kills & Deaths) while obtaining powerful weapons and armours from killing your opponents. There tends to be very little to no focus on skilling and PvE aspects on PvP servers, so you should look for these only for the sake of some Player vs Player action.

1.3 Mix of the Two

Many servers attempt to implement both PvP and Economy aspects into their game through a multitude of clever methods aimed to enhance gameplay and cater to a wider variety of players. For instance, some servers offer specific game modes allowing you to choose how you’d like to play. In the process of creating your account you might be prompted with which game mode you would like to choose. One or more modes are likely to be geared towards PvP which grants faster combat training rates, but result in reduced skilling rates.Other options might be economy modes with slower combat training rates and decent skilling rates. Keep in mind that servers that try to incorporate the best of both worlds do not always succeed and sometimes result in one type of gameplay dominating the other.

2. RSPS Revisions

RSPS revisions specify what version of Runescape data a server is loading. Data means items, objects, monsters, animations, etc. So the higher revision a server has the more data that is included in the server from the most current version of the game. For example, a 614 revision contains close to 15,500 items while a 803 revision has over 30,000. Some players actually prefer the older look and feel of RSPS out of nostalgia. In other words, newer is not always better. In the end, everyone has their own opinion as to what type and revision of server is best, so I encourage you to try a variety to find the best RSPS for you.